Academic Procedures and Systems

Programme coordination

Each of Educor’s programmes are managed by a member of academic staff, who is identified as the programme coordinator. He or she is responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring the integrity of the programmes
  • Day-to-day delivery of the programmes
  • Implementing and maintaining quality management systems
  • Review and improvement of programmes
  • Monitoring of expenditure

Educor encourages student input and participation in relevant aspects of programme coordination.

Certificates coordination

Policies are in place for ensuring the integrity of certification processes. These include:

  • Mechanisms for ensuring the eligibility of candidates
  • Mechanisms for guaranteeing the quality of certificates
  • Security measures for preventing fraud and the illegal issuing of certificates

Academic Development procedures

Measures are in place to ensure that every student has the best possible chance of success. These include the following:

  • Development initiatives are regularly implemented to meet the needs of students
  • Student support is offered wherever necessary
  • The effectiveness of academic teaching and learning methods are regularly evaluated

Teaching and Learning procedures

Effective teaching, learning methods, and suitable learning materials facilitate the success of all Educor’s academic programmes.