Business Management/Marketing Lecturers (Damelin EL)

Damelin East London has the foolowing vacancies available at their campus:

Business Management/Marketing Lecturers


Duties and Responsibilities:

The responsibilities of the Lecturer include, inter alia:

Academic Development:

-Design of relevant academic programmes
-Development of curriculum for programmes
-Aligning specifications of programmes
-Assist with submissions for regulatory approval of relevant programmes (including HEQC and DOE)
-Full time lecturing
-Design of study material
-Upgrade of study material
-Liaison with members from industry for their particular programme
-Participation in campus community engagement projects
-Liaison with other lecturers nationally in their field


Academic Function:

-Participation in the monitoring, evaluation and development of academic programmes
-Conduct of research activities
-Liaison with academic colleagues and relevant people in commerce and industry to ensure ongoing development and relevant academic programmes
-Annual upgrade of programme content
-Conduct assessments
-Direct participation in teaching, learning and research activities


Student Records and Academic monitoring:

-Participation in student registration process
-Approval of credits and exemptions
-Academic monitoring (including attendance) and maintenance of student records in consultation with the faculty administrative staff
-Control of tests and examinations
-Marking/moderation of tests and examination papers as requested by the Senior Lecturer
-Participation in Examination Certification and Promotion of learners
-Capturing of marks onto ICAS
-Assistance in the RPL process if required


General Programme Management:

-Attend regular departmental staff meetings
-Participation in updating of departmental policies and procedures
-Maintenance of a schedule of equipment within the department
-Hard and electronic filing of all documentation for audits
-Management of programme assessments
-Staff and student communication
-Staff and student grievance and discipline
-Participation in departmental meetings



Any other responsibilities as reasonably delegated by a member of senior management.


-Annualy contribute to the updating of the Standard Operating Procedures manual (Teaching and Learning Policies) for the relevant programmes
-Assist the Senior Lecturer with Student Management including new implementations, maintenance, etc.
-Annually update and distribute a programme academic calendar
-Annually update and distribute standardized lecturer course outlines, and lecturer support guides per module for each programme
-Annually update and distribute standardized student course outlines per module for each programme in accordance with the learning programmes or learning frameworks, and the national academic calendar
-Peer review and benchmark programmes against public institution offerings
-Assist with achieving accreditation of programmes
-Lecturing in accordance with the requirements of the rogramme outcomes and in accordance with the accredited programme outlines
-Prepare a booklist of the required prescribed and recommended reading material annual
-Annually upgrade programme content
-Set exam papers and model answers
-Internal moderation


-Bachelors Degree
-Experience is not a requirement

Please note this is not EE/AA

Job Type: Fixed Contract

Salary: R10,000.00 /month

CVs to be emailed to: