Twenty-year legacy transformed

The creative essence of CityVarsity has been around for the last 20 years. Having made a resounding impact on the lives of professionals in the industry, the stage had been well and truly set for the debut of a new and exciting player to enter the online field.

CityVarsity Online is a dynamic new online learning brand that has entered the industry and aims to make creative online courses available to anybody who is pursuing their creative passion and dream. The courses will feed the creative spirit and soul of people who are eager to build their interests and their careers in areas such as music, web design, photography and more. Our courses are also designed for busy corporate professionals to incorporate their studies into their busy lifestyle.

Through research, we have called upon all industry-savvy experts to align with us and provide real-world creative training to our students.

The Global Vision

The international learning scene commands faster completion of courses, rich multi-media techniques and a visionary approach to career and personal development. CityVarsity Online truly takes is seat on an international scale by offering course material that is diverse within an engaged community committed to learning.

Best of all you can study from anywhere in the world with no commuting of travel costs. If you are a self-starter and a visionary all you need do to free your inner creative is click, swipe and graduate!