The “Educor Multidisciplinary Journal (EMJ)” is an academic journal that encourages and embraces research from all disciplines.

Editorial Policy

Research and the development of fledgling academic researchers in Higher Education is of major importance within the ambit of regulatory and academic requirements and is an academic developmental imperative as well. The EMJ is a blind peer-reviewed multidisciplinary academic journal that draws from various disciplines in order to gain a broad understanding or a more well-developed perspective, or discover something new. It brings diverse academic disciplines together to discuss and view issues from each of their perspectives. The journal is the official academic journal of the Educor group of companies and is published biannually. Due to the variety and scope of academic offerings in the Educor group the journal is generalist in nature with no specific focus areas.

Development Programmes

The EMJ provides a platform for fledgling as well as established researchers and academics to publish and share their research findings. As such it is a developmental academic journal that falls in the ambit of the Educor academic developmental and training strategy.

The following kinds of research is welcomed by the Editorial Board of the EMJ:

Empirical research
Conceptual research
Case studies

Journal Content

The journal provides open access to its content, at no cost or prior registration online. We promote the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. In the same vein, the submission, revision and publishing of texts is also free of charge to the authors.

It is noted that the expressed opinions, accuracy of facts, and interpretations published in the EMJ are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Educor group.

Guidelines for Contributing Authors

The following guidelines must be adhered to:

All submissions and communication should be addressed to
The EMJ only accepts articles in English
Articles are to be submitted in MS Word format with Roman Times Numeral, 12 font size, and one and a half  spacing
The submitted article must be accompanied by a letter from the author(s) that states that the article has not been submitted for publication elsewhere
No article that was already submitted in full or in part for publication in another  journal will be accepted by the editorial committee of the EMJ
All illustrations should be appropriately numbered and be part of only one document
All submissions will be guided by the research office in terms of agreed guidelines of submission
There must be  a clear indication of joint publications, co-authors and the corresponding author
The declared Educor Harvard referencing style must be used

Blind Peer Review

Initial submissions are sent to a peer reviewer for comment. The peer reviewer reviews the significance of the article, its contribution to knowledge in the field of study, the originality of the work, the validity of the discourse, the use of references, valid recommendations and an overview of judgment of the article. Feedback from the reviewer is then forwarded to the author for revision (if necessary).

Ethics Declaration

The EMJ is committed to assuring the ethics of its published papers. The editorial committee applies the principles of transparency and best practice in scholarly publishing. The editorial committee is committed to publishing corrections, explanations, withdrawals, and apologies, when necessary.


The EMJ is committed to integrity and academic rigour. For this reason, plagiarism is not acceptable. In order to protect the integrity of Educor, fraudulent content, will be removed or will get unpublished. When accepting the terms and agreements expressed by our journal, the authors must guarantee that the paper and the materials associated to it are original and do not infringe authors’ right. In case of shared authorship, co-authors must justify full consensus and guarantee that the work has not been previously published in any other format.

Frequency of Publication and Format

Annual publication.

The Editors in Chief

Educor Multidisciplinary Journal
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Editorial Committee

Prof A Lowies (Educor)
Dr A Erasmus (Educor)
Mrs L Rajagopaul (Educor)

Managing Editor

Ms T Ramsuraj (Educor)


Prof H Hay-Swemmer (Educor)