Charles Educor CEO


Group Chief Executive Officer

Captain of the ship, dedicated family man, benevolent high-level strategist.


Charles Reeves is equipped with the expertise that spans across the entire business sector. A dedicated family man with a benevolence as vast as his impeccable ability for strategy. His cumulative experience and qualifications have seen him rise to the helm of the Educor ship, yet he commands with an unprecedented grace and understanding, making Charles the perfect balance between business and education. His vision for the prospective future of Educor is one of groundbreaking growth and steady expansion further into the global landscape, with his full confidence in the EXCO team empowering the Educor evolution.
dassie Legal head at Educor


Group Legal Advisor

Mediator par excellence advocate.


An admitted Attorney for more than 25 years, Dassie Moodley brings a wealth of experience to Educor. He has been with the Legal Department since inception in 2009 and has been commanding it through success in the courtroom both nationally and internationally. Dassie Moodley holds a Master’s Degree in Law. His experience and expertise has earned him the promotion from entering Educor as a Group Legal Manager to Group Legal Advisor and Company Secretary. He is the lead advisor on commercial mergers and acquisitions, expansions into Africa, commercial agreements and litigation. His vision for the future of Educor on an international scale is one of exhilarated growth and legal compliance. He believes in the undeniable power of quality education and stands firmly in line with all lawful decrees.


Group Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Marketing-mastery and people-driven visionary.


This people-driven pioneer hails from humble beginnings, armed with the drive to succeed and the vision to change the status quo. Imraan Asmall gained the EXCO teams’ birds’ eye view of the very first company he was employed in. His thorough knowledge and experience gained over this period, enabled him to master brand strategy, brand positioning as well as the priceless value that the customer holds within any given company. He ventured on to become the turnaround strategist for City Girl – the dominating position which allowed him to continue on his journey and launch his very own successful agency, as well as fill the role of the Managing Director of Fashion Fusion. Imraans’ passion for educating the masses through quality real time education is unrivalled in its approach and execution. His vision for the future of education under Educor’s matrix of excellence is paramount.
Educo Group Chief Financial Officer


Group Chief Financial Officer

Forward looking Commercial & Financial Leader


Creedon Mark Kay brings a masterful outlook and a wealth of experience to the financial sector within Educor. Creedon’s portfolio is extensive, including four South African giants, a Bcom Accounting Degree, an Associate Chartered Management Accountant and a magnanimous amount of passion. He continuously strives to keep his financial strategy for Educor in line with the overall business strategy. Creedon works on maintaining the synergy between the overall business strategy, financial discipline and the financial systems put in place. A man who believes in balance between work and family, Creedon sees a great future in working for an educational institution which is not only academically driven, but also entrepreneurially driven.


Jayson Naidoo Educor CTO


Chief Technology Officer

Technology Strategist Extraordinaire


Jayson has extensive experience in the creation, development and deployment of bespoke technology solutions for enterprise businesses. Core disciplines of expertise include Technology Strategy Development, Software Development and Integration, Technology Infrastructure Management, Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Business Analysis and  Project Management.

Technology has redefined the way we learn and absorb information. The future of learning is open with possibilities as technology concepts advance daily. Education is a creative process and technology can simplify learning and make it more engaging in a world that has become more visual over the years. At Educor, we have an aggressive technology strategy in line with global trends that will benefit our students and employees.

Given the unique state of the South African education landscape, Educor has developed the perfect blend between traditional learning techniques and technology  to optimise the student learning process.

Considered a visionary in his field, Jayson believes in finding the optimum balance between people, process and technology to create sustainable business value

Prof HaySwemmer

Prof. Hay-Swemmer

Group Chief Academic Officer

Philanthropist, brilliant-minded academic specialist and author.


Educor’s very own academic author, Prof. Henriette Hay-Swemmer has penned 40 academic published works which cover subjects such as professional development, the educational landscape of South Africa, and a range of innovative learning approaches. She is also a highly respected prolific Higher education researcher, acquiring a PHD from Vista University, Bed (Honours) and Med (Cum Laude) from University of Free State, as well as a BA and HED from the University of Stellenbosch. Prof. Henriette finds that her greatest passion, education has met the 21st century students and with the power of technology and the Educor standard, the horizons are limitless.

Kimberley Crystal Axon

Group Human Resource Executive

HR expert, clinical psychologist and avid equal rights activist.


Passionate about implementing new systems, change management, clean-up and organisational design, Kimberley has gained a wealth of knowledge over the years, which she brings to Educor. Holding multiple qualifications, including an HR Management Diploma, BA Degree and is currently completing a BPSYCH Honours degree in Psychology, Kimberley’s wealth of experience includes working for Sage as the HR Director Africa & Middle East, multinational oil giant Weatherford in Houston, Texas – USA in a global role, recreating HR practices and travelling to various continents training staff and implementing new working systems. Whilst living in Kenya she established an HR department from grass-roots level, supporting a total headcount of over 66 000 employees.  An optimist and equal rights activist who strives for diversity in the workplace, Kimberley is well on her way to making Educor an employer of choice.